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Custom screen Custom technology Spools Yarns
Custom Capabilities

AtlasMasland offers design solutions for the most imaginative mind, from retooling an existing product to creating a whole new floor effect. With state of the art technologies and a color bank of endless possibilities, AtlasMasland’s custom capabilities can support your needs.


AtlasMasland has invested heavily in tufting technologies that can make even the most complex designs a reality. Working with you local representative and the custom team at the mill, AtlasMasland can take images, drawings, or even your ideas and make them into a custom product. Because AtlasMasland's design and production equipment is computer driven, changing a look or tweaking a pattern to your specifications can be easily accomplished.


AtlasMasland has decades of experience in producing quality custom products. Our representatives are well trained and readily available to assist you with the process by Assisting in identifying key performance criteria; Providing necessary materials for specification documents or bid packages; Providing installation guidelines for maximum quality management of the installation.

Yarn Systems

Your local AtlasMasland Representative can help you determine what type yarn of system will work best for your specific project. Color representation, installation type, and pattern design are just a few things to consider when choosing the appropriate yarn system. AtlasMasland offers:

Skein Dyed Yarns

Metered skeins of yarn are immersed in stainless steel open vats of dye to ensure precision and uniformity of color. The flexibility of skein dyeing accommodates large production runs as well as small custom requirements.

Solution Dyed Yarns

With solution dyed nylon yarn, high quality pigments are incorporated into the fiber itself, resulting in complete yarn color uniformity. Solution dyed yarn is appropriate for intensive use applications that demand long-term appearance retention, stain and wear resistance, and colorfastness to light.

Barber Pole Yarns

Barber pole yarn is created by twisting two different yarn colors together to form a two-ply yarn, or is created through a combination of acid and cationic dyes that produce two colors in the same vat when dyeing a two-ply yarn.