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The magnetic modular flooring system

Magnetude is the revolutionary new magnetic flooring system that fulfills the promise of truly modular flooring by offering post-installation flexibility for the entire life of the installation. Floors can be designed and redesigned again and again to not only create visual interest, but also functional benefits such as wayfinding, social distancing and branding. No adhesive required.

Magnetude wayfinding


Wayfinding with Magnetude

With health and safety protocols evolving, wayfinding requirements can be quickly addressed as the magnetic modular system allows you to easily flip colors, move planks or change designs.



Magnetude wayfinding reconfigure


Reconfiguring with Magnetude

Rearrange, remove or reuse your pieces and create different design schemes or room experiences overnight.



Magnetude soft and hard nowalls


Combine Soft & Hard Surfaces with Magnetude

Contemporary Woods LVT can be paired with select Magnetude-backed AtlasMasland carpet tile to design and refresh a space with integrated textures.



Magnetude soft and hard reconfigure nowalls


Flexible Zoning with Magnetude

Magnetude’s versatility inspires your creativity, as you define and redefine paths and seating areas, allowing greater flexibility in commercial spaces.



Ferrite in the LVT and carpet tile backing creates a magnetic connection with a special underlayment, designed to work with modular products. The magnetic connection is unique to these products so they won’t form a magnetic connection with other metallic materials.

Truly revolutionary.

Magnetude install 01


Magnetude install nowalls


Magnetude on the floor



01. Imagine

Imagine a truly flexible backing system that enables you to realize your designs and adapt to meet changing needs and preferences. Giving you true flexibility for your floors. Introducing Magnetude, the magnetic modular flooring system that allows you to reimagine your space and mix things up.



02. Create

Create design configurations that flex to meet the demands of the environment, including branding, wayfinding, zone definition or just visual fun. With many patterns and colors with which to play and design.



03. Order

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to select your pieces and place your order. Make sure to contact your contract manager with any questions.



04. Install

With the ease of placing puzzle pieces, Magnetude flooring comes together like the clap of your hands. Thanks to their uniquely magnetic backing, no adhesives are required and the modular pieces can be changed and reconfigured after the initial installation.



05. Reconfigure

As a magnetic modular flooring system, the pieces can be rearranged, removed or reused. Create new design schemes inspired for a unique purpose, change in season or even a whim. The reconfiguration possibilities allow you to reimagine your space without major renovation.



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