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Because we could all
use some good news
for our planet.

Sustaina is the new non-PVC,
non-polyurethane backing system by AtlasMasland.
As part of our commitment to designing better human experiences, AtlasMasland is making Sustaina standard on all carpet tile products.


Sustaina is good news for the planet.

Sustaina is both PVC and Polyurethane free and contains no "Red List" chemicals. All products backed with Sustaina are third party certified PLATINUM to the NSF/ANSI Sustainability Carpet Standard.



Sustaina is made from recycled materials.

Sustaina-backed products are constructed with significant recycled content - up to 82% based on face fiber. The backing itself is comprised of high quality polyester fiber made from 95% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.



Sustaina offers unlimited design possibilities.

Because Sustaina is standard on all our carpet tile products, all your favorite AtlasMasland carpet tiles are available. Custom products as well!


Sustaina is good news for you.

Because Sustaina allows water vapor to transfer though, it’s breathable. Moisture is not trapped under the flooring, which promotes a healthier interior environment, eliminating moisture build up and mold growth. This also allows it to be installed on substrates, including concrete, with high moisture content up to 99% RH and a Ph of 12 when installed using AtlasMasland Carpet Tile & LVT Adhesive.



Sustaina saves time and money.

Sustaina backed products minimize floor prep and save significant installation time particularly when replacing broadloom because an encapsulating primer is not required. Simply scrape off the trowel ridges of the existing multi-purpose before applying the pressure sensitive adhesive. Because Sustaina backing is PVC free, it will not react with the multi-purpose adhesive from any previous broadloom installation.

Bottles bottom

Sustaina Plus is the cushion backed option offering the same benefits of Sustaina, plus an additional level of comfort, quality, and reduced sound transmission.


The Sustaina Plus cushioned backing offers an additional level of comfort underfoot as well as aiding in sound absorption.


Sustain Plus increases thermal insulation and protects the carpet – increasing its appearance retention by as much as 15% as compared with carpet tile with a traditional hard back.


Sustaina is a carpet tile backing for commercial applications which utilizes EVA pre-coat and mid-coat in conjunction with an attached transitional polyester fiber nonwoven material felt cushion providing a PVC free backing option for most carpet tile products.

Product Name:
Sustaina™ Carpet Tile Backing
Sustaina Plus™ Cushioned Carpet Tile Backing

Red List free,
Backing is comprised of high quality polyester fiber made from 95% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles

Increased comfort underfoot,
Extended carpet life,
Wet/Dry. Performance properties are not affected by moisture

0.10" (Sustaina)
0.14" (Sustaina Plus)

8.33 lbs/ft^3 (Sustaina)
8.7 lbs/ft^3 (Sustaina Plus)

10.0 oz/sq yd (Sustaina)
15.0 oz/sq yd (Sustaina Plus)

Lifetime Limited Warranty

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